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Cyprus Egg Donation: Egg Transfer and Prices

egg donation cyprus

Cyprus Egg Donation

Cyprus has become one of the leading centers for egg donation and IVF treatment. Thanks to its advanced medical infrastructure, experienced specialists, and affordable prices, couples are turning to Cyprus to find solutions for fertility issues. In this article, you will find useful information about the egg donation process, IVF treatment, and prices in Cyprus.

Egg Donation in Cyprus

Egg donation is the process in which another woman's eggs are used to help couples facing infertility issues have a baby. Egg donation in Cyprus has become popular due to its more affordable prices and high success rates compared to other European countries.

IVF Treatment in Cyprus

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a method in which fertilization occurs in a laboratory setting, and the resulting embryo is transferred into the prospective mother's uterus. IVF treatment in Cyprus has achieved high success rates thanks to modern technologies and experienced specialists. Egg donation is part of the IVF treatment process.

Egg Donation Prices in Cyprus

Egg donation prices in Cyprus may vary from clinic to clinic. Prices generally range from 4,000 to 7,000 Euros. These prices cover the total costs, including IVF treatment, selection of the egg donor, all tests, and procedures. Prices may increase in the case of additional services or special needs. Egg donation prices in Cyprus are more affordable compared to their European and American counterparts, which is a significant factor in couples choosing this method.

The egg donation prices in Cyprus range between 4,000-7,000 Euros.

Egg Donation Process in Cyprus

The egg donation process involves the following steps:

Donor Selection: In Cyprus, donors are typically young and healthy women. Donors undergo various health checks and genetic screenings. Couples choose a suitable donor from the donor pool provided by the clinic, based on physical and genetic characteristics.

Egg Donor Preparation: The donor undergoes hormone therapy and regular monitoring processes required for egg collection.

Egg Collection: When the time is right, eggs are collected from the donor and prepared for fertilization in the laboratory setting.

IVF Treatment: Eggs are fertilized with a sperm sample to create embryos. After being developed in the laboratory for a certain period, the embryos are transferred into the prospective mother's uterus.

Pregnancy Test and Follow-up: A pregnancy test is conducted approximately 10-12 days after the transfer, and the results are evaluated. If the pregnancy is successful, the prospective mother undergoes regular monitoring.

Success Rates of Egg Donation and IVF Treatment in Cyprus

Success rates for egg donation and IVF treatment in Cyprus are higher than those in Europe and America. For egg donation, our Cyprus IVF center generally has success rates between 80-85%. Success rates may vary depending on the donor's age, genetic compatibility, the number of transferred embryos, and the prospective mother's health status.

Cyprus Egg Donation / Transplant Success Rates

Cyprus is renowned for its clinics with high success rates in egg donation and IVF treatments. Success rates can vary depending on the couples' ages, health status, and treatment processes. The success rates for egg donation and IVF treatment in Cyprus are as follows:

  • Clinical pregnancy success rates in IVF treatments with egg donation range from 80% to 85%.
  • Live birth success rates in IVF treatments with egg donation range from 75% to 80%.

It is essential to consult your doctor for the evaluation of factors affecting success rates and selecting the most suitable treatment method.

Important Clinics in Cyprus

There are many experienced and successful clinics in Cyprus that provide services in the field of egg donation and IVF treatments. As a Cyprus IVF center, we are among these successful clinics. High success rates in Cyprus are achieved due to experienced IVF doctors and the country's legal environment conducive to such treatments.

These clinics, with their high success rates and world-class medical services, are popular options for international patients.

Travel and Accommodation in Cyprus

During the egg donation and IVF treatment process in Cyprus, it is essential for couples to arrange comfortable accommodation and transportation. Cyprus is famous for its beautiful beaches, historical, and cultural richness, allowing couples to enjoy a vacation and reduce stress during the treatment process. Travel to Cyprus is easy with direct flights from Europe and the Middle East.

Regarding accommodation, couples can choose from various options such as hotels, guesthouses, or rental apartments. Accommodation packages are also available at hotels in cooperation with the IVF clinics. This makes it convenient for couples to stay near the clinic during their treatment process.

Medical Tourism in Cyprus

Cyprus has become a popular medical tourism destination, particularly for fertility treatments. With a combination of high success rates, affordable prices, and modern medical infrastructure, Cyprus attracts patients from various parts of the world. Moreover, the beautiful Mediterranean climate and friendly locals make it a pleasant experience for couples seeking fertility treatments.

Legal Aspects of Egg Donation in Cyprus

Egg donation in Cyprus is regulated by law, ensuring that the process is carried out ethically and safely. The regulations include:

Anonymity: The identity of the egg donor remains confidential, and the child born from the egg donation will not have the legal right to access the donor's information.

Age Limit: Egg donors must be between the ages of 18 and 35, while the recipient's age limit is 50 years old.

Screening and Testing: Egg donors are required to undergo thorough medical, genetic, and psychological evaluations to ensure their suitability for the process.

Additional Points to Consider

When deciding to undergo egg donation in Cyprus, couples should consider the following points:

Research: Conduct thorough research on the clinics, their success rates, and the available services. Reviews and testimonials from other patients can be helpful in making an informed decision.

Communication: Establish clear communication with the clinic, ensure they understand your needs, and ask any questions you might have about the process.

Financial Planning: Plan your finances, as the cost of egg donation can vary depending on the clinic and any additional services you may require.

Support: It's essential to have emotional support during the egg donation and IVF process, whether it's from your partner, family, or friends.

Patience: Keep in mind that the process may take some time, and it's essential to be patient and maintain a positive attitude.

In conclusion, Cyprus is an attractive destination for egg donation and IVF treatments, offering affordable prices, high success rates, and a supportive environment. Couples looking for fertility solutions should consider Cyprus as a viable option to fulfill their dreams of starting a family.