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Cyprus Egg Freezing Method in IVF Treatment

egg freezing cyprus

Cyprus Egg Freezing

In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, which is increasingly becoming more common, is often sought by couples experiencing fertility issues. Egg freezing, one of these treatment methods, is an essential option that helps women preserve their fertility chances at advanced ages. Cyprus stands out as a significant destination in this field. In this article, we will discuss the egg freezing method applied in Cyprus and its importance in IVF treatment.

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation) is the process of women preserving their eggs by freezing them for future use. This method is typically applied to maintain fertility chances that decrease with age or for women at risk of losing fertility due to health problems. Eggs are cooled down to -196°C using liquid nitrogen and can be stored this way for years.

Egg Freezing in Cyprus

Cyprus is a globally recognized destination for IVF treatment and egg freezing. IVF centers in Cyprus stand out with experienced doctors, high success rates, and affordable prices. Additionally, the beautiful nature and vacation opportunities in Cyprus offer couples a chance to relax during their stressful journey.

Egg Freezing Process

Hormone Therapy: The egg freezing process begins with hormone therapy to stimulate the development of multiple eggs in a woman's ovaries. This treatment lasts approximately 10-12 days and helps mature the eggs.

Egg Collection: Mature eggs are collected vaginally using a thin needle under ultrasound guidance. This procedure usually takes 15-20 minutes and is performed under light anesthesia.

Laboratory Procedures: Collected eggs are examined in a laboratory environment, and their quality is evaluated. Suitable eggs are frozen using the vitrification method, a rapid freezing technique. In this process, eggs come into contact with liquid nitrogen to freeze the water inside the cells without crystallization.

Storage: Frozen eggs are prepared for long-term storage using a special storage container and liquid nitrogen. The eggs can be thawed and used in IVF treatment whenever desired.

Advantages of Egg Freezing

Preserving Fertility Chances: As age advances, women's fertility chances decrease. Egg freezing helps women maintain their fertility chances by using healthier eggs collected at a younger age in later years.

Health Issues: Health problems such as cancer treatment can negatively impact women's fertility. Egg freezing preserves eggs before such situations, allowing fertility chances to continue after treatment.

Career and Personal Reasons: Some women may wish to delay having children due to career plans or personal reasons. Egg freezing provides an opportunity for these women to preserve their fertility chances.

IVF treatment is one of the primary methods worldwide for couples experiencing fertility issues. Cyprus has become an essential destination in this field, offering options such as egg freezing. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the egg freezing method in IVF treatment in Cyprus, success rates, and options.

Features of Cyprus IVF Centers

Cyprus IVF centers attract international couples by offering various advantages, including:

Affordable Prices: Cyprus provides affordable prices for IVF treatment, making it accessible for financially strained couples.

High Success Rates: The success rates of IVF centers in Cyprus exceed global standards, allowing couples a higher chance of having a child.

Experienced Doctors: IVF specialists in Cyprus are experienced and successful in their fields, ensuring a safer and more successful treatment process.

International Standards: IVF centers in Cyprus offer services that meet international standards, ensuring globally accepted service quality.

Beautiful Nature and Vacation Opportunities: Cyprus's beautiful nature and vacation opportunities help couples reduce stress and relax during their treatment process.

Cyprus Egg Freezing Success Rates

In the egg freezing process, two distinct methods can be employed: Slow Freezing and Vitrification (Fast Freezing).

Slow Freezing: In this technique, eggs are gradually cooled with a special solution and frozen to -196°C. This method allows the cells to slowly extract water and adapt to the freezing process. However, there is a higher risk of ice crystal formation with this approach, which can potentially damage the eggs.

Vitrification: In this technique, eggs are rapidly cooled with a special solution and frozen to -196°C using liquid nitrogen. Vitrification enables the cells to quickly extract water and adapt to the freezing process. This method minimizes egg damage by preventing ice crystal formation.

The success rates of egg freezing methods vary depending on the technique used, as well as the age and quality of the eggs. Generally, the vitrification method offers higher success rates compared to slow freezing. Egg freezing yields better success rates in younger women because eggs collected at a younger age are of higher quality.

Cyprus Egg Freezing Options

Cyprus is home to numerous IVF centers offering egg freezing services. These centers provide couples with the following options:

Egg Donation: IVF centers in Cyprus offer egg donation services, providing an alternative option for women with low pregnancy chances using their own eggs.

Egg Bank: Cyprus has egg banks where frozen eggs can be stored. These banks allow women to securely store their eggs under suitable conditions.

Egg Freezing and IVF Packages: IVF centers in Cyprus offer egg freezing and IVF treatment packages, providing cost-effective options for couples.

Cyprus is considered a significant hub for egg freezing methods and IVF treatments. IVF centers in Cyprus are popular destinations for couples worldwide due to their experienced doctors, high success rates, and picturesque surroundings. Egg freezing methods help women preserve their fertility chances, enabling them to fulfill their dreams of having children at a later age. Consequently, choosing Cyprus for egg freezing and IVF treatments has become a sensible option for many couples.

Preparation for IVF Treatment and Egg Freezing Process in Cyprus

The preparation for IVF treatment and the egg freezing process in Cyprus should initially begin in the couples' home country. During this phase, couples are advised to follow these steps:

Medical Evaluation: It is crucial for couples to undergo medical evaluations and tests in their home country before starting the IVF treatment and egg freezing process. These evaluations and tests will help determine the couples' health status and suitability for the treatment.

Researching IVF Centers in Cyprus: Couples should research IVF centers and clinics offering egg freezing services in Cyprus, and select the most suitable one. Success rates, experienced doctors, prices, and offered services should be considered during this research process.

Consultation Services: Obtaining consultation services regarding IVF centers and egg freezing services in Cyprus can make the process smoother and more successful. These consultation services will assist couples in better preparing for the IVF treatment and egg freezing process and making informed decisions.

Travel Planning and Accommodation: Couples participating in the IVF treatment and egg freezing process in Cyprus must arrange travel and accommodation. It is essential for couples to plan for transportation, accommodation, and treatment-related aspects beforehand.

Couples who wish to participate in the IVF treatment and egg freezing process in Cyprus should start with medical evaluations and tests in their home country, research IVF centers and egg freezing services in Cyprus, and choose the most appropriate one. Considering factors such as consultation services and travel planning during this process will make the treatment more successful and seamless for couples.